What to Expect 

As an Interfaith, non-denominational minister, I give you my personal assurance you’ll receive individual attention to create the ideal ceremony for you and your circumstances.  I have a gentle, caring, flexible nature. My aim is to be helpful and supportive to what’s important to you.

Our Consultation

I will meet with you one-on-one to get to know you personally so I can truly understand your situation and your needs. I will go over every last detail with you so you feel as comfortable and as at ease as possible. Also, to ensure your ceremony goes as planned.


Whether the ceremony I officiate for you is large or small, I’ll make sure it’s personal, meaningful and memorable. My multi-cultural background means I know how to draw on the traditions, customs, and norms found in various religious backgrounds. These can be modified or combined to create a special, unique ceremony that expresses your spiritual, religious or secular beliefs.